Through Bayern Projekt Holding GmbH, we invest directly in real estate and participate directly/indirectly in real estate companies and commercial real estate projects.

We are operationally involved in the execution of building projects and real estate developments as property developers and project developers. We are constantly on the lookout for promising projects in Bavaria, with a focus on Munich.

As asset managers, we manage our own assets created by us. In the capacity of an equity or mezzanine partner, we support selected investment opportunities.

In addition to financing and investment management, Bayern Projekt Holding GmbH is responsible for the group's strategic orientation and marketing/PR.




Bayern Projekt GmbH, as part of the Bayern Projekt Group, provides project development and project management services for the Group.

With the highest degree of seriousness and according to clearly defined standards, the company works daily on the implementation of corporate and project goals based on its many years of experience and knowledge.

In line with our track record and the proven market knowledge of our interdisciplinary team, Bayern Projekt GmbH has special expertise in large-volume refurbishments, value-added developments and ground-up development of commercial real estate.




We are continuing our 20-year success story with more than 1.0 billion accompanied real estate projects in Bavaria, and we are systematically continuing this throughout Germany.

We made our first acquisitions as early as 2015 and have since held various participations in real estate and project companies.

While constantly monitoring the respective market conditions, we are constantly on the lookout with Deutsche Projekt GmbH for promising office projects in the sought-after office locations in Berlin, Hamburg, Düsseldorf and Frankfurt.

We are also happy to cooperate with suitable, qualified local partners in order to seek maximum synergies and to make the best possible use of the advantages of excellent local market knowledge with our wealth of experience from a significant track record and the resulting opportunities in the sense of a win-win situation.